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October 4-8th

Sunderland Business Festival is a celebration of the dynamic businesses based in Sunderland.

It is a free week long event from 4th-8th October 2021 which aims to inspire both businesses and communities to get involved as we highlight Sunderland as a city transforming, creating opportunities for all. 

Sunderland’s first ever business festival will kick off in the Bridges Shopping Centre with The Bridges Means Business event, followed by an array of community based activities and events. It will also include a virtual festival to provide opportunities for businesses to connect and have a platform to collaborate; hear from leading experts and understand more about Sunderland’s transformation.

Transformation of Sunderland

Join virtual presentations and panel discussions about the transformation of Sunderland and the plans for the next 30 years, as Sunderland begins its journey as a world leading Smart City. Exploring the changing economy in the city, the investment opportunities across a whole host of industries and how Sunderland is redefining itself as an extraordinary place to live, work and play.

Digital and Tech

Showcasing Sunderland as a Smart City with great digital capability and a track record of new business start-ups, hear the inspirational stories of Innovation, Digital, Tech & Start Ups during the Smart City virtual event on October 7th and learn how you can be part of this revolution in Sunderland.

Skills and Education

The festival will bring training opportunities; taster sessions; skills development workshops and, through our Recruitment Fair at the Stadium of Light, real job opportunities that support the City’s growth plan for the next 30 years. 

Culture and Creative Arts

With real jobs on offer in the performing arts at the iStage Talent Show and the chance to join a live audience with Leo Pearlman, managing partner of one of the leading international film and TV production companies, there will be opportunities to celebrate how we are growing the creative economy in Sunderland, showcasing the role of culture in the transformation of the City and how we see this promoting inclusive cultures.

Future Living Expo

Showcasing what Sunderland will look and feel like going forward, the Future Living Expo will take a closer look at the ongoing development of the city and the investment and employment opportunities that come with the vision for architectural and urban design excellence.

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Automotive and Engineering

The festival will take a closer look at how Sunderland is at the very heart of the automotive and engineering sector within Europe, with presentations and panel discussions welcoming the North East Automotive Alliance (NEAA), Nissan and Envision AESC.